Practitioner Assessment Skills Course Module 1 'Essential Assessment'

Jenny Edwards
Hereford, UK
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Description of the course

The Practitioner Assessment Skills Course (PASC) workshop has been specifically designed for the serious bodywork practitioner to enhance assessment and treatment options.

Developed from thousands of clinical hours as a remedial and Bowen therapist in Geelong, Australia and treating many of Tom Bowen's original patients, PASC incorporates a blend of orthopedic, kinesiological, fascial and intuitive assessment techniques. This course will provide the participant with range assessment and validation skills to enhance their practice.

Module one: covers general assessment techniques, subjective and objective testing. The “Fascial test”, lower back including the “unique three point” assessment tool. Neck and shoulders. Completing the comprehensive program is a special "fascial release" technique for lower back, sacral/coccyx (developed from observation with one of Tom Bowen's original six students, not covered in any other Bowen training), used for completing any treatment.


Open to all practitioners who are qualified health practitioners and of particular interest to Bowen based therapists.
(outside Australia) +61 419 380 443
(within Australia) 0419 380 443
Ocean Grove. Victoria. Australia. 3226.
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