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Body - Module 1-3

Description of the course

The Practitioner Assessment Skills Course (PASC) workshop has been specifically designed for the serious bodywork practitioner to enhance assessment and treatment options.

Developed from thousands of clinical hours as a remedial and Bowen therapist in Geelong, Australia and treating many of Tom Bowen's original patients, PASC incorporates a blend of orthopedic, kinesiological, fascial and intuitive assessment techniques. This course will provide the participant with range assessment and validation skills to enhance their practice.

Class teaching format

Classroom interactive presentation including lecture and practical participation. Participants will be instructed on anatomy and physiological review, assessment process and then given time to assess and treat - including the concepts covered in the class. Re-evaluation of techniques, to validate the outcomes.

Course rationale

Assessment knowledge is a fundamental requirement for all structural bodyworkers. Bowen therapists learn a procedural approach for treatment of the main spinal and axial aspects of the body. This provides them with a comprehensive tool kits for assisting the body back to balance. A “diagnostic” approach as covered in this class, provides practitioners with an effective set of tools to discern the imbalances and consequently tailor the treatment to the individuals needs. In learning these skills there is also the benefit of a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of the moves used in Bowen.

Learning objectives

Understand a conceptual philosophy underpinning Bowen therapy both at a macro and micro level.

Learn to assess various parts of the body and evaluate paths of dysfunction. Devise appropriate treatment options.

Evaluate the effect of the move/s on different parts of the body during the treatment. Re-evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment process.

The course participant will learn, be able to explain and reproduce in a manner consistent with other practitioners; subjective and objective measures defined by visual, intuitive, biomechanical, fascial, hydrostatic and kinesiological outcomes.

Apply techniques that have been developed by the author nearly 30 years of clinical experience that have proven both effective and time efficient methods of assessment.

PASC Module 1

Module one covers general assessment techniques, subjective and objective testing. The “Fascial test”, lower back including the “unique three point” assessment tool. Neck and shoulders. Completing the comprehensive program is a special "fascial release" technique for lower back, sacral/coccyx (developed from observation with one of Tom Bowen's original six students, not covered in any other Bowen training), used for completing any treatment.

PASC Module 2

Module two covers review of lower back from module one. Lower back/sacral and coccyx dysfunction evaluation. The "pelvic triad". Hamstrings, knees and ankles techniques and review of the special "fascial release" technique for lower back, sacral/coccyx used for completing any treatment.

PASC Module 3

Module three covers review of lower back from module one. Introduction to sacral/coccyx dysfunction “categories”. Thoracic, diaphragm, (respiratory), introduction to kinesiological evaluation techniques, Ileocecal valve, valve of Houston, elbows and wrists, pelvic and review of the special "fascial release" technique for lower back, sacral/coccyx used for completing any treatment.


Open to all practitioners who are qualified health practitioners and of particular interest to Bowen based therapists (Bowtech Module 7 or equivalent). Note: Modules can be taken in any order.
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