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Ron Phelan

RMT, Dip. Bowen.
Cert. NST. Dip. Teaching, Dip. Eng. Hon. MBTPA. Inductee WMF Hall of Fame. 2014.
Based in the Geelong region of Australia, Ron is a Remedial therapist, trained in deep tissue, sports massage trigger points, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and the MORA bio-electronic analysis and treatment. He trained in Bowen Technique© in 1996 and then in 1998 ‘Neuro-Structural Integration Technique ©’ (NST) a later development of the Bowen style. He also holds diplomas in teaching and electronic engineering.

During his career, he has had contact with many people directly related to Mr. Bowen, patients, students and family having treated many of these.

In 2004 he was introduced to the work of the late Dr. Brendan Stack, orthodontist from DC, USA. He was fortunate to undertake training with Dr. Stack in 2008 and also assist him in his practice. From these experiences Ron developed his unique approach to TMJ for therapists.

Ron has taught massage techniques and associated health subjects in private and government based trainings institutions in Australia. This experience set the “ground work” for his passion for the “Bowen” style of bodywork. Since his first teachings of Bowen in 2001, he has now presented courses and lectures in all 5 continents and over 20 countries worldwide.

He currently specializes in assessment, TMJ and Hormonal based work.

Welcome to the PASC “professional”
 seminars program.


based upon real life situations faced in clinical practice.


incorporating various styles of evaluations to ascertain different types of dysfunction throughout the body.


practical, reproducible skills that can be incorporated into your practice.


each course module integrates with other modules to form a very effective way of assessing the body.

What are PASC seminars about?

In 2007, after 15 years of practicing as a “structurally” based therapist, including 6 years of teaching a “Bowen” style, PASC was developed into a formal training program. Although originally designed around the “Bowen” style of bodywork, this program would also prove to give other “body based” therapists, simple and effective ways of identifying the source of dysfunction.

Who will benefit from taking the PASC modules?

Modules 1-3
Qualified “structural” based practitioners including, Bowen, Chiropractic, Kinesiologists, Massage, Osteopaths, etc.
Note: Module 1,2 or 3 are the prerequiste for Module 4 (plus 3 years post qualification experience).
Modules 4-6
minimum of 3 years clinical experience
“Cranial considerations” – including those listed above, these modules would also be of interest to dental/medical based practitioners.
Note: PASC 1, 2or 3 (plus 3 years post qualification experience) is the prerequiste to attend PASC Module 4).

Want to know more?

Recognised by Bowen College
BTFA, BTA (Australia)
and many more ……


Wow, Ron has amazing knowledge and the way he transfers this to teaching is amazing. He is down to earth and teaches in realistic terms. I'm blown away by his technique and results he has given me. Couldn't recommend Ron's course enough and I'm hungry to learn more from him. 
Thanks Ron

Misty Lord

Perth WA, PASC Modules 1-3
It is amazing that such an effective method is taught in a way so easy to understand – thank you. 
Thank you. 

Jules Wilson

UK, PASC Modules 1-3
Fantastic course, I had no idea just how important the TMJ was and the reason for its relationship to other problems. I will certainly be testing my clients for it and using more frequently. Thoroughly enjoyable course and my brain is now full.

Lucy Cross

UK, PASC Modules 4, 5, 6
(outside Australia) +61 419 380 443
(within Australia) 0419 380 443
Ocean Grove. Victoria. Australia. 3226.
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