PASC Module 4 - Cranial Considerations - ’TMJ the hidden imposter’

Ron Phelan
Coolup Western Australia, Australia
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Description of the course

The PASC ® "Cranial Considerations: “TMJ - The hidden imposter” course provides a theoretical basis of impact of the TMJ on the body. The concept of "optimal functional position” ®, (OFP) is based on the orthodontic application of “centric relation". This concept is incorporated into the existing "TMJ" treatment. Thorough anatomy, physiology and pathology of the joint are discussed.

Class teaching format

Classroom interactive presentation including lecture and practical participation. Participants will be instructed on the assessment process and then given time to assess and treat - including the concepts covered in the class. Re-evaluation of techniques, to validate the outcomes.

Course rationale

All Bowen therapists learn a TMJ treatment procedure in their training. By including the dental concept of "optimal functional position" in the correction process, the effectiveness of the treatments is improved dramatically, not only for the TMJ but also for the rest of the body. As a result, participants will have a better knowledge of how the TMJ works and the effects of dysfunction. Significantly better treatment outcomes.

Learning objectives

Understanding of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of TMJ. Understanding of the effects of dysfunction to both the cranial system and the whole body. Understand the relevance of the “sacral respiratory” systems and Craniosacral aspect of the TMJ in relationship the pelvis. Understand the structure of the “stomatognathic system” (SGS) and its role in the effect on TMJ. Relate the anatomy and physiology of the Temporomandibular Joint and normal operation of the TMJ. Appreciate the effects of TMD (Temporomandibular Dysfunction), structurally, neurologically and hormonally on the body. Consider and evaluate signs and symptoms of TMD.

Evaluate a TMJ using various assessment techniques. To provide treatment of TMD in a fast and effective manner. Assess TMD in the context of referral to allied health practitioner.

Learn about the dental concepts that affect TMJ and how these can be cause issues in the treatment when not corrected properly. Incorporate new techniques to improve treatment outcomes. Learn dental terminology to assist in communicating with the dental field.

Prerequisites - 3 years minimum post training.
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