Practitioner Assessment Skills Course PASC) Module 5 Cranial Considerations -Practical Implications

Manfred Zainzinger
Steinau an der Straße, Germany
EUR 170
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Description of the course

The TMJ – “Practical Implications” course draws upon the knowledge gained in the "Module 4 course" to further explore the effects on the body of a dysfunctional TMJ. Also, "Applied Kinesiology" techniques to allow more specificity in the locating of "Optimal Functional Position" as described in the "Module 4" course.
Assessment techniques are covered which graphically illustrate the effects on the body relating to pelvis, knees and ankle, cranial, and locally in and around the TMJ.
A unique "Atlas", "Sphenoid" and "Temporal" correction is included to effectively treat the more resistant TMJ issues.

Learning objectives

Review and understand the concepts covered in the "Module 4" course. Assess and understand the relevance of the potential effects on the body; a) Globally, b) Locally, c) at the TMJ joint d) Influencing factors e) Atlas f) Sphenoid and g) Temporal.
Learn correction techniques to apply to make the appropriate changes.
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