Practitioner Assessment Skills Course Module 6 Cranial Considerations - TMJ 'Enhanced Techniques'

Jenny Edwards
Hereford, UK
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Description of the course

Having completed the prior modules, the practitioner has had the opportunity to take these new skills into their respective practices.

Upon utilizing these skills, one generally finds significant improvement in their treatment outcomes, not only for the TMJ, however also for other conditions that have not resolved in the past.

There will be however, certain type of problems that require a different approach. The approach may come from enhanced kinesiological, or ‘radionic’, support and/or dental approaches.

What is covered?  

Advanced kinesiological concepts which includes ‘circuit hold’ (or pause lock) and stacking. These two approaches allow combining of multiple dysfunctional states to be corrected in one treatment.

Enhanced application of the AK techniques allows for accurate isolation of dysfunctional teeth.

Introducing two new test positions for the jaw.

Introduction to the concepts of ‘radionics’ and how this can be used to accelerate and support the ‘healing process’. A kit of specially selected test vials is provided as part of the course.

Dental support for CR/OFP by learning the practical application of the ‘Bite registration’ process.

Course price includes a specially selected set of 'Radionics' vials.
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