PASC Module 5 Cranial Considerations. TMJ - Practical implications

Jenny Edwards
Hereford, UK
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“After having done hundreds of courses (literally) this one does stand out as being worthwhile having attended. I can’t say this for many other tutors.”

- Dr. Neil Milliken (Edinburgh) MBChB, LDS, BDS(Ed) BTAA, BCST, Dip CNM, Dip AK. Doctor/Dentist/Nutritionalist.

Hi Ron just a quick note to say thank you for a brilliant course at the weekend. I’m still buzzing and I don’t think I’m imagining it but having quite a lot of changes happening in my thoracic area which has always been a problem area – Robert Butler, UK.

Prerequisite: PASC Module 4 Cranial Considerations or equivalent.

Now recognised by both BAUK and BTPA for continuing education points.

This module, provides further information enabling practitioners to be more specific in locating the ideal position of the jaw.

This module builds upon the knowledge gained in the 4th module, by firstly reviewing the basic concepts from that workshop.

Combining specific testing protocols from various dental sources as well as the presenter's own clinical practice, this module empowers the astute clinician to assess (including palpation, orthopedic and applied kinesiological muscle testing) and successfully treat a myriad of TMD related problems.

This course will enable you to streamline your TMD assessments and provide the participant with more specific corrections.

Comments from previous course participants.

It was a great course, and my life has never been the same since. I now know what the body feels like when in balance, all the lightness and mental clarity that comes with it. For the first time in 35 years, I have been able to a balanced breast stroke with my legs after fracturing my right tibia and fibula at age nine. The therapy then was total rest in a plaster for six weeks. As a result my thigh muscles had wasted away. To help the rebuild, swimming was encouraged - but the leg never got its proper coordination back - until after the course! Korona Gallen, Germany.

Ron's TMJ courses in Liskeard really were life changing for me. My right eye has always turn in slightly, after having a TMJ procedure performed Ron's way, I had a fairly large reaction as my body processed the new information. The results are amazing and not least that my eye no longer turns in. Thankyou Ron, not just for the information you taught me to help my practice but also what you have changed in me!   Ms. Jules Wilson. England
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