PASC Module 3 Assessment

Jenny Edwards
Hereford, UK
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One of the best courses I’ve ever done. Loved the pace and packed with information. – Pam Luker. UK.

This course is simply wonderful, so much information and delivered in a way that’s easy to understand, yet gives such amazing results – Jules Wilson. UK.

The three "1 day" Practitioner Assessment Skills Course (PASC) workshop has been specifically designed for the serious bodywork practitioner to enhance assessment and treatment options. (note: the 3 individual 1 day classes can be taken in any order.

Module three: covers review of lower back from module one. Introduction to sacral/coccyx dysfunction “categories”. Thoracic, diaphragm, (respiratory), introduction to kinesiological evaluation techniques, Ileocecal valve, valve of Houston, elbows and wrists, pelvic and review of the special "fascial release" technique for lower back, sacral/coccyx used for completing any treatment.
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Ocean Grove. Victoria. Australia. 3226.
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