PASC Module 4 Cranial Considerations. TMJ - The 'Hidden' imposter

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The single most important development in Bowen in the past 20 years! - Dr. Manon Bolliger, B.C. Canada.

Of all the training I've had since learning Bowen, this course material is by far the most impressive I've experienced myself with immediate and dramatic results felt in my own body. Ron's knowledge is incredible in this area of expertise.
- Melody Dawson. USA.

This one day TMJ workshop will give you the necessary skills to accurately assess the most common dysfunctions relating to the TMJ.

Developed from years of clinical experience, focusing on TMJ disorders. Incorporating unique training component with master USA orthodontist, Dr. Brendan Stack and clinical experience in Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, and the USA.

Combining this wealth of knowledge, the workshop provides you with the necessary understanding of the function of TMJ relating to body function.

This course will provide the participant with range of assessment and validation skills to enhance their practice, plus a unique correction variation for the TMJ. This will include palpation, orthopedic and applied kinesiological muscle testing.

Open to all health related practitioners. Especially relevant to Bowen trained therapists. Prerequisite: Minimum of 3 years experience post qualification.
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